Shore fishing in Oléron

Fishing enthusiasts are particularly spoilt for choice here, whether they prefer sea, shore or line fishing. For sea fishing enthusiasts, there are several providers who propose excursions.

Shore fishing is very popular in Oléron. It’s open to everyone, but there are several rules aimed at respecting the environment:
You can only fish during the day, with a maximum quota of 5kg per person. It is forbidden to pick small shellfish and to practise this activity in the fishing weirs and oyster beds.

By lifting the rocks (that must be put back in their original place and the right way up), you can find small crabs, shrimp, clams and winkles, living in the rock pools on the beaches.

On the Boyardville and Saint-Trojan-les-Bains sand beaches, you can also find shellfish (cockles, razor shell clams, winkles…).

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